The South Sudanese Community Association of Utah
SSCAU’s Mission Statement
The South Sudanese Community Association of Utah (SSCAUTAH) is a non-profit community based organization that focuses on challenges faced by South Sudanese families & youth by offering a variety of programs catered of the needs of refugee communities living in Utah.

Computer Training

Youth Program

Senior Program

November 14, 2015 thru March 5, 2016 (16 weeks, once a week, 2 hours)
Every Saturday: Morning class, 10:00AM to 12:00PM, Noon class, 12:30PM to 2:30PM
Course Overview
This course is designed to build basic computer knowledge in preparation for the work environment. The main goal of this computer training is to prepare refugees with knowledge about basic computer systems and its use in business. Moreover, this course also intends to introduce computer skills such as developing and building quick-typing in keyboarding using touch method. Learning good keyboarding techniques and developing speed and accuracy are key goals for the success in this course.
Each year, school administrators place children and teenagers into classrooms according to their age, rather than their education.
In addition to facing challenges associated with having had limited resources to a “traditional” education in refugee camps or learning a new language, many of our youth find it difficult to adapt to American systems.
In order to instill confidence and prevent further dropout rates, SSCAU provides immigrant youth with educational resources including personalized tutoring in English, math, and science in addition to flexible mentoring hours.
Graduation Event
We estimate that today there are 20-plus young men and women in this community who graduated every year from junior high, high schools, colleges and universities. We feel that the community should support this success drive, because education is a key of success and develop skills that can be useful in the South Sudanese’ lives.
Our community is dedicated to the processes of making these graduated students feel proud for their achievement through celebrating their success.
There are more than 5000 refugees from the South Sudanese and Sudanese communities in Salt Lake County. A small, but vulnerable portion of this community is comprised of older people. The focus of the South Sudanese and Sudanese community resource specialist and the Board is to successfully integrate South Sudanese and Sudanese into their new community and aid them in becoming self-sufficient. Many of the services provided to refugee communities are geared towards economic self-sufficiency. This leaves an inadequate amount of resources for older refugees that are often unable to work fulltime like younger refugees. Furthermore, older South Sudanese and Sudanese face the task of aging in a new culture in which they do not possess appropriate coping skills. Changes in family systems and relationships due to the acculturation of younger family members place elderly refugees in a more vulnerable situation. This is a long-term program and will continue as long the communities have a grant to support it.  
Youth Program
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Basic Computer Training